Welcome to the ANTI-MICROSOFT Campaign WebRing

We have created this WebRing in order to join forces with web sites around the world, enabling us to show our anger at the way Microsoft is trying to monopolise desktop computers and the Internet.

Microsoft's deplorable business tactics are unethical and a danger to computer freedom and platform independent Internet access.

It is time the population woke up to the level of control they are handing Microsoft.

You CAN make a choice for freedom and democracy in the computer world, by refusing to use Microsoft products and supporting the Anti-Microsoft campaign.

If you run a web site and you wish to see the internet free from proprietory formats and protocols, then why not join our campaign and sign up your site to our web ring?

Unite the World against Microsoft

Well, they say that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Lets put this claim into action by uniting to destroy Microsoft and their monopoly over the computer industry. If you support this campaign, please Join the Anti-Microsoft WebRing and help gain hits to your web site in the process. growing list linked to above.

Click on the relevant link below if you would like to see what sites are already in the ring, or to join the ring.

Why not Join the ring?

If you run a web site which has anti-Microsoft content or discussion, whether it's a simple statement about your anger with Microsoft, or a complete site dedicated to educating the world about the evil empire, then sign up now. The only condition is that your site need to have anti-Microsoft/educating the public type content on it.

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