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A collection of sites dedicated to spreading information and research on the continuing crop circle mystery. Please visit one of the sites to find out the real truth about this enigma.
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0. + Crop Circle Research owned by Paul Vigay
Paul Vigay's award winning crop circle research site

1. + 2 (Membership pending)

2. + CROPfm - Web Radio owned by Tarek Al-Ubaidi
Web Radio Shows about crop circles and related phenomena. Real audio downloads of shows and interviews available. Guests include crop circle researches like Michael Glickman, Linda Moulton Howe and Wolfgand Wiedergut.

3. + United Space Tommy Borms owned by Tommy Borms
Cropcircles, Ufo's and paranormal photography.

4. + Silbury Hill owned by Laurent BROLHE
Silbury Hill -Extraterrestrial Zone of Contact

5. + Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory owned by John Cowie
This website promotes the book Silbury Dawning which presents the unique theory that the 'missing link' in our evolution was due to the arrival of an extra-terrestrial being or race of beings some 13,000 years ago that bred with, or somehow implanted its genetic material and educated our Homo sapiens ancestors.

6. + King Tet's gallery of Tets owned by Eric Van der Wyk
Crop Circle artwork based on the Barbary Castle crop circle aka 'The Tetrahedron'

7. + Crop Circle Spirit owned by Denni Clarke
Tours to Crop Circle country and Sacred Sites in England, Scotland,and Ireland with author of 'Crop Circle Wisdom,' Denni Clarke. Includes Photo Gallery and Crop Circle articles.

8. + Crop Circle Geometry owned by Nick Kollerstrom
The inspiring, holistic geometry behind the crop circles' design.

9. + Crop Circle Secrets owned by Freddy Silva
The world's premier crop circles research site.

10. + Canadian Crop Circle Research Network owned by Paul Anderson
The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network is a non-profit organization which investigates the crop circle phenomenon and possibly related phenomena in Canada, creating a liason between researchers, farmers, the public, the media and scientists in trying to solve this ongoing enigma

11. + TimeStar Earth owned by Krsanna Duran
The TimeStar quest began with the discovery of an equilateral triangle formed with two crop circles made in 1993 and the oldest pyramid center in Central America.

12. + LightCircles owned by Kaayla Fox
This site features LightCircles™ Jewelry Designs which were inspired by the crop circles and there is a focus on the experiences of people working with and wearing crop circle images.

13. + Dutch Cropcircle Website owned by Ed Vos
Dutch cropcircles, reports and articles

14. + The UFO SpaceCenter owned by Simon Elzinga
Cropcircles Galore - UFO SpaceCenter

15. + Finland's Center of Circles information owned by Martin Keitel
Unbiased information about crop circles. General info, insights, geometry studies, lots of articles, with spiritual emphasis. Beautiful graphics appreciated by many.

16. + Project2ccma owned by Katie
Crop circle and Mayan Calendar info site with good links.

17. + Disclosureoz owned by Tony Lambert
Australian chapter of Dr Steven Greer's USA led Disclosure Project. Features the proven relationship with UFO activity and crop circles.

18. + Paleoseti.it owned by Staff Paleoseti.it
News, Data base, and other....Only italian language

19. + the Dutch Crop Circle Archive owned by the PTAH Foundation
The most complete archive of Dutch crop circles from 1590 till today.

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