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A collection of sites dedicated to spreading information and research on the continuing crop circle mystery. Please visit one of the sites to find out the real truth about this enigma.
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20. + The Howell Crop Circles & The Illuminati owned by Jim Prange
My essay about the crop formation that appeared in Howell, MI in 7/03. It is my interpretation of the intended message of the formation, including facts I have uncovered that support my interpretation.

21. + Oxfordshire Crop Circle Group Homepage owned by Howard Ambler
Oxfordshire Group Circle Research Groups Homepage. Containing listing and archives of all crop circles in the UK County of Oxfordshire since 1994.

22. + Crop Circle News owned by CCN-Webmaster
The source and the meaning of crop circles are mysteries. Perhaps they come from extraterrestrials, or from another dimension, or from the future. Maybe they contain a code we are yet to break, or perhaps they simply are reiterating over and over that there is an intelligence equal or greater than our own and we are being signaled in order to open our minds beyond the dangerous thinking of ourselves as dominators of our planet who are free to plunder it. As we examine the geometry and the symbolism in the patterns, looking for meaning and purpose, the origin of the circles is something else again -- since we never have identified anything other than ourselves with the capacity to design and to move matter, we will not know where the circles come from until their source identifies itself to us.

23. + The Noise Room owned by Rob Speight
Ancient History, Modern Mysteries and New Research. Everything from Crop Circles to Ancient Egypt, Archae-astronomy, Archaeology, News, Reviews, Free Mailing List.

24. + Crop Circles owned by Wolfgang Wiedergut
Crop Circles and Esoteric

25. + Mystery of Crop Circles owned by Pattee Gregory
Showing old and new crop circles as well as information concerning same.

26. + crop circles italian complete database owned by Leonardo D.
Complete italian crop circles' database, in italian and english language. Inside: articles, images, close investigation about every known italian case

27. + ANTRIEL - pittura su vetro owned by Maddalena Tordella
pittura su vetro - simboli, mandala, geometria sacra, cerchi nel grano

28. + Crop Circle Clues owned by Crop Circle Clues
Allows anonymous users to browse the crop circle gallery and freely share thoughts on what the formations represent.

29. + extraterrestialhealing.com owned by me demarco
Extraterrestrial physical healings on board ship through bilocation. Also ASCENSION DNA activation for next 2000 year energy cycle.

30. + News of the Earth owned by Doug McKenna
Indepth, up todate reports on crop circles, earth science, global warming and the mysterious of unexplained.

31. + Alpha Education owned by Renee Henry
Nature's computer system is a self-referencing von-Neuman type Universal Cosmic Computing intelligence and mind, which operates according to geometrical intelligence through space packing of atoms, to create a 4-D rhombus computer...UFO's and Crop Circle phenomena are explained in terms of of geometric patterning hierarchy and a coded frequency universe (for more info see 'about the books' pop up on the site.

32. + Circles, Sound & Creation owned by Beata Van Berkom
Art and information for a new time from a Canadian Crop Circle Researcher.

33. + Metal Crop Circles owned by Clarke Blair
A place to buy beautiful metal reproductions of crop circle designs, suitable for hanging on the wall in a home or garden.

34. + The Avebury Experience owned by Maria Wheatley
sacred site tours and on-going research into earth mysteries, excellent results.

35. + Touch the Sky Cosmic Energy Essences owned by Brian Crissey
In conjunction with crop-circle researchers Barbara Lamb and Judith Moore, we have created a line of 21 energy essences derived from selected authentic English crop circles 2002-2204. The essences have healing and transformative effects upon people.

36. + Crop Circle Art owned by Gary Geisler
Artwork based on Crop Circles by Gary Geisler.
"After looking at Crop Circles for over ten years, I'm absolutely convinced that they AIN'T made by US!"

37. + Crop Circle Games owned by Anthony Jones
The new cropcircle board games for children and the deluxe cropcircle treasure hunt for adults.

38. + T-shirt Universe (Membership pending)

39. + Fields of Dreams owned by Paul Anderson
Fields of Dreams is the premier webcast radio show on the crop circle phenomenon, with the latest news, reports and interviews with leading researchers from around the globe; Fields of Dreams is part of the Night Search Paranormal Network

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