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This Web ring consists of Web sites about nature reserves in Britain and Ireland. Use the ring to find a reserve near you. Join it to get more Web visitors and share ideas.
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40. + Nar Valley Ornithological Society The official site for the Nar Valley Ornithological Society, Norfolk. Information on meetings and locations within the region, which are good for birdwatching

41. + St. Abbs & Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve (Membership pending)

42. + Paxton Pits Nature Reserve The former gravel workings at Paxton Pits is one of Cambridgeshire's top wildlife sites, particularly noted for its large cormorant colony and its many nightingales. Visit us for the latest sightings, news and events, whether you're a regular visitor to Paxton or a first-timer.

43. + Woodland Park (Membership pending)

44. + Bramingham Wood Volunteers Bramingham Wood is an area of natural woodland, located immediately to the north of Luton, Bedfordshire. In 1985, the Woodland Trust took over the management and subsequently the ownership from the then private owners. The wood is classified as an 'ancient woodland' - now consisting of its remaining 45 acres. After the Trust took over its preservation, the Bramingham Wood Volunteers were formed to carry out management and therefore the preservation of the wood on behalf of the Trust. The Web site you will visit is the story of this ongoing activity.

45. + Deddington OnLine - Daeda's Wood Daeda's Wood in Oxfordshire is the first in the Woods-on-Your-Doorstep Millennium projects sponsored by The Woodland Trust. Once a 9-acre field of waving corn, it's now a spread of 3,500 thriving young trees. There are two seats, and a path for the less able-bodied to stroll more easily down to the boundary River Swere. The open areas are already a tangle of wild flowers in due season.

46. + Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (Membership pending)

47. + Banstead Commons Conservators The site describes Banstead Commons, in Surrey, and their wildlife, as well as the history and work of the Conservators.

48. + Cowden Pound Pastures Cowden Pound Pastures is a small 5.86 hectare (14.33 acre) Site of Special Scientific Interest tucked away in the quiet backwaters of the West Kent countryside, (National Grid Reference: TQ 459 433)

49. + The Enfield Lock Conservation Group The Enfield Lock Conservation Group was formed in 1989 to protect the Lock's human and natural history. Our aim is to preserve its unique character and to safeguard green areas for wildlife. The web site gives details of our activities past and present. Enfield Lock is near Waltham Abbey, Essex.

50. + Bwlchcoediog Bunkhouse & Nature Reserve Bwlchcoediog Isaf is a private nature reserve established in the late '80s, primarily for bird habitat. The land is fairly diverse, with bluebell woodland, wetlands (including three ponds) and grasslands unique to highlands. Polecats and badgers have been seen on the reserve, as well as a wide variety of birds. The views from the track up the hill are outstanding.

51. + The Selborne Society owned by Unknown
Perivale Wood Nature Reserve

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