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 About this Ring The Acorn and RISC OS

A collection of sites dedicated to supporting and promoting all computers using RISC OS.
RISC OS is arguably the most productive, multi-tasking GUI environment available in the computing world today. Please visit one of the sites to see what you've been missing!

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· Ring administrator: Paul Vigay
· Founded on 12/10/1998
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0. + House of Mabel owned by Rich Goodwin
Web sites designed, programs programmed, pretty pictures drawn

1. + RISC OS Web Ring Homepage owned by Paul Vigay
The Acorn & RISC OS Web Ring

2. + Paul Vigay's Acorn Shareware page owned by Paul Vigay
My collection of Acorn Shareware

3. + Kevsoft Risc os Software owned by Kevin Wells
Some of my RISC OS Software

4. + The Acorn Chemistry Web owned by Paul Johnson
PD Acorn Maths and Science software and the first ever BSc Chemistry thesis to be placed on the web in the UK.

5. + Acornland owned by David Spence
A few programs for you to download

6. + Software for Acorn Computers owned by David Robinson
Assorted free Acorn software and the FAQ for users of Iomega zip drives on the Acorn Risc PC

7. + The Riscgames Download place owned by Joris Claassen
A site to download all your faforite Riscgames.

8. + RISCOS.org owned by Paul Vigay
RISC OS information, news and article portal

9. + TOFLA - The RISC OS programming notes website owned by Morbo Jones
A site dedicated to coding under RISC OS.

10. + Acorn News Service (ANS) owned by Stephen Courtney
ANS is a biweekly email newsletter, keeping you up to date with all the latest events within the Acorn World. There is also a discussion list, and a new Classified Ads section, as well as the searchable archive of past issues.

11. + Free Stuff owned by Dacha
Free modules, applications and images for Acorn users.

12. + Squeaky Software owned by Rik Griffin
Various free software for RISC OS

13. + John Allen's Acorn Software owned by John Allen
Software for linking RiscOS computers to Psion Organiser and Z88 plus attachment readind software !Attacher.

14. + Francis's Acorn pages owned by Francis Chin
Free software for download, plus useful links to other Acorn-related sites. Pictures of the RiscPC and the Olympia RiscPC rocketship.

15. + mossey acorns owned by n rolfe
a web site to show off my collection of acorn/risc os computers

16. + Acorn Nutcase owned by Rachael K MacGregor
A basic site that I use to show my use of RISC OS for maintaining my web sites and other stuff. Also has a few links to the main applications I use.

17. + ArcSite ArcSite is a web server only for RISC OS computers and offers free homepages, a discussion forum, many links with a search engine, an ftp search engine (ArcArchie), an advertisement (Boerse) and more.

18. + Chris's Acorns owned by Chris Whytehead
Documents my collection of Acorn and RISC OS computers, complete with pictures.

19. + La page systemes Acorn et processeurs ARM de Augustin V owned by Augustin Vidovic
This site deals with the Acorn RISC PC, the ARM processor and assembly language, the ARMada, French Acorn user group.

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