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A collection of sites dedicated to supporting and promoting all computers using RISC OS.
RISC OS is arguably the most productive, multi-tasking GUI environment available in the computing world today. Please visit one of the sites to see what you've been missing!

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20. + Thomas Milius Computer-Corner owned by Thomas Milius
An overview about the actual programs I wrote for RISC OS or ported to RISC OS.The content is avaible in German language also.

21. + Colin McQueens's Program Page owned by Colin McQueen
A few (old) RISC OS utils and a naff game. Some possibly helpful squirrel (database) stuff.

22. + Tigger's Page owned by Nick Roberts
Various Freeware programs to download; including viewers and tools for the Japanese paper-doll program KiSS.

23. + RISC OS software owned by Weiss Niklaus
On my RISC OS software website you can see all the RISC OS software, that I wrote until now.

24. + Vincent Lefevre's ARM/Acorn pages owned by Vincent Lefevre
Freeware programs with their ARM source and other things

25. + Wellington Acorn Computer Club riscos

26. + Geoff Riley's Archimedes Demon FTP Index owned by Geoff Riley
An index to the files held on Demon Internet's FTP server for the Acorn Archimedes

27. + The comp.{binaries/sources}.acorn archive owned by Paul Johnson
This site contains all the software submitted to both the comp.binaries.acorn and comp.sources.acorn newsgroups as well as a fair pile of software which isn't. The site contains Java, imagemaps. Do not access if you are using M$IE as you will not be allowed to access any of the pages due to a small piece of JavaScript on each page.

28. + Out of the Silent Planet (Membership pending)

29. + ARMoniX (Membership pending)

30. + The Plasma Sphere BBS owned by The Plasma Sphere
The biggest and best Acorn BBS in the North West

31. + Damian's Acorn Page (Membership pending)

32. + RCM's Homepage (Membership pending)

33. + The MathMagical Software Company owned by Martin Hansen
Will be used to promote awareness of my ArtGraph, TurtleChalk, SuDoku and MathBox software & my general involvement in all things RISC OS

34. + Speedster Harry's web pages (Membership pending)

35. + Dave Rushall's Piecafe Takeaway (Membership pending)

36. + Mike Sandells Acorn page (Membership pending)

37. + Acorn Users Auckland (Membership pending)

38. + Just Round The Corner - Acorn Page owned by Iain Waugh
A selection of applications and a game

39. + BeN RiscOS-Software owned by Bernd Neumann
Many software for RiscOS. (!TKalender, !DiaSchau, !MusicCD, !PrListe...)

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