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 About this Ring The Acorn and RISC OS

A collection of sites dedicated to supporting and promoting all computers using RISC OS.
RISC OS is arguably the most productive, multi-tasking GUI environment available in the computing world today. Please visit one of the sites to see what you've been missing!

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· Ring administrator: Paul Vigay
· Founded on 12/10/1998
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40. + RISC Systems (Membership pending)

41. + Project Sunflower (Membership pending)

42. + Alpha Programming WWW Site (Membership pending)

43. + ArmLink (Membership pending)

44. + Web Site of Alain Brobecker (baah/Arm's Tech) owned by Alain Brobecker
Arm & Basic programming on Archimedes/RiscPC. Contains some coding articles, tools and demos I made so far

45. + Stephen Scott: Multimedia Artist owned by Stephen Scott
A veritable hotch potch of goodies, from articles to multimedia, images to arcade games. Plus find out whether multimedia can be platform independent

46. + Pinkmongoose Softare owned by Darren Green
Darren Green's homepage. Contains some software I have written, available for downloading, plus information on ongoing projects. Mostly games.

47. + Philip Ludlam's Website owned by Philip Ludlam
On my site you can find out about my programs and utilities that I have written for my RISC OS computer. You can also get information on some of my interests, including graphics and web design.

48. + DigitalCD's Homepage owned by André Timmermans
This site is the download page for DigitalCD; a CD and music files player, which supports skins and visualisation plug-ins. This site also contains a few music related oddities from Michael Kuebel.

49. + Supreme Software Support Ltd owned by Chris Dawson
Support and advice for the 'Acorn' hardware platform.

51. + German Archimedes Group (Membership pending)

54. + Skullsoft's Homepage owned by Skullsoft
Homepage of Skullsoft. Download Games and Applications for RISCOS, including Arya; The Dragon's Quest, Plig, Xenocide and Nomen...

55. + Chris Morison's RISC Organizer owned by Chris Morison
Organizer is a desktop personal Organizer for Acorn RISC computers. Comprising Calendar, Diary, Anniversary and Address-book sections, all within a familiar, configurable and easy to use graphical interface. Plus other software

56. + Kez's Corner (Membership pending)

57. + Tuano's RISC OS Zone (formerly www.ben-brook.co.uk) (Membership pending)

58. + None (yet) owned by Alex James
Welcome to my Acorn home page. On this page you will find some useful Acorn software. This is no place for PeeZee users, so go away

59. + Steve Dick's Acorn Pages (Membership pending)

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