June 2012

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June 2012

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 Why WebRings?

A WebRing is a way that like-minded people can link their web sites t ogether to follow a similar theme.

Imagine a huge pearl necklace where each each individual pearl is rep resented by a web site somewhere in the world. Although each pearl is se parate, it's linked to the next via an invisible thread - the WebRing sy stem.

Each web site has a small 'WebRing control panel' on it, which allows you to move to the next or previous site in the ring, find out more abo ut the ring or to list all the sites in the ring.
Visitors can even opt to jump to a 'random' site if they like, which provides an opportunit y to view sites which may otherwise be overlooked and also provide visit ors with information which may be new or undiscovered for them.

For more information about joining a web ring or adding web ring code to your own site, please see the help page.

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